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Group lessons & workshops


A fun way to increase your repertoire of steps is to take lessons with a group of people.  These lessons can be a great way to meet new people, and socialize and share laughs with other dancers as you learn alongside each other. 


Group lessons are 50 minutes in length, and Workshops are 90 minutes in length with supervised practice and Q&A for extra one-on-one time with the instructor(s).  Group class size is set at a maximum number of people to ensure the most attention, and NO private lessons run at the same time of the group -- so your group has full attention!  We often invite guest teachers to join us at Dance with TLC to share their expertise with our dancers, also.


if you would like to request a specific group to be taught,  contact us at and we are happy to add your idea to our schedule!



- 50 minute group lessons are $20 pp 

per lesson

- 90 minute group workshops are $30 pp 

per lesson

- Tax Included


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