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Q: Do I need any previous dance experience to take a Ballroom & Latin dance class?

A: NO experience necessary! The Beginner group classes are tailored for Beginners, and private and semi-private are "dance at your own pace" private instruction.

Q: Do I need to wear anything special or fancy shoes?

A: You don't need fancy shoes or outfits, just anything comfortable!

Q: Do I need a partner?

A: You do not need a partner for private lessons. For group lessons, having a partner is best and will make the group most enjoyable. While you are more than welcome to take the class as a single, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a partner to dance with if you come on your own.

Q: What is the difference between taking Group Lessons and Private Lessons?

A: In group lessons, you are with a group of many couples and the instruction is generic and shared with the entire group. The focus is mainly on introducing new steps with basic techniques, while enjoying the social setting. Private lessons are specialized to the dancers taking the lesson, and is specific to their needs with full attention from the instructor. Instruction during private lessons is concentrated solely on the couple(s) taking the lesson, and more technique and attention to details is given. Private lessons are also scheduled at the convenience of the couple(s) taking the lesson.

Q: Do you recommend taking Group Lessons or Private Lessons?

A: Best is to do a bit of BOTH! Group lessons are a fun and economical way to learn new steps in a social setting, and private lessons will ensure that you are dancing those steps like the Pros! But of course...practice makes perfect!! :)

Q: How many lessons should we take for our Wedding Dance and how long before the wedding should we start?

A: The answer to this question always depends on how detailed you would like your dance to be, and of course how quickly you pick up the steps. While every couple is different in this regard, we find that as a general rule you should plan for at least 5 lessons, but more is always preferred to be 100% ready for your big night! When planning the lessons into your schedule, it's best to aim to have enough time to be completely ready for your dance at least 2 weeks before the wedding so that the busy time right before is used to only practice your dance and not learn anything new. (Having said that, we have taught couples their entire dance as late as the week before and they have pulled it off beautifully! Anything is possible when your heart is in it! :)

Q: I am interested in taking my dancing to the next level and trying a competition. Can I do this? What are my options?

A: Congratulations on deciding to embark on a great personal challenge! You can do it! There are many ways to go about this. First you should decide if you want to compete with your own partner as an Amateur couple, or with a teacher in the Pro-AM Division. You can dance in either International or American styles (or both!). At this time we will assess your level and determine which category you will dance in, and suggest an appropriate training schedule for you. Competing in Ballroom & Latin dancing takes an incredible amount of hard work and dedication, but is so fulfillig and rewarding in the end!

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